Travel Tuesday

Travel Tuesday

Since I caught up on 2011 last week, I’ll start this week with some of my trips from 2012.  I took four exciting trips in January, February and March.  Here’s a look:

January- New York City

I went to New York City with some friends for our friend, John’s Birthday.  We had brunch at his apartment in Soho, shopped, went out and crammed as much as we could into a 2-day trip.

The Girls at John’s Brunch

John’s Birthday Gift…the largest bottle of Champagne I’ve ever seen!

February- Indianapolis for the Super Bowl

This was the most sporadic trip I’ve ever taken.  I actually bought my plane ticket on Friday and flew home on Saturday morning.  I just couldn’t miss being a part of Indianapolis for such an exciting time since I lived there my entire life.  The highlight was catching up with friends and family, meeting lots of fun celebrities, and getting to see the transformation of the city- it was truly amazing.

My sister and I at Superbowl Village in Indianapolis

My sister and I with Lance Bass. He bought us (and my mom) drinks all night. My 12 year-old self was very envious.

February- Las Vegas

As I explained a little in other posts, this was my first trip to Las Vegas and it set the party extremely high.  I went with three of my girlfriends and we had the most unreal trip.  We stayed in the Palazzo and went out every night and were treated like royalty.   It’s hard to narrow down the photos but here are some of my favorites.  I can’t wait to go back.

At the Venetian, Mardi Grads beads on the Strip, Playing around in a shoe at the Cosmo, Blue Man Group and outside the hotel

Out in Vegas, after my big winnings, dancing, outside Marquee and Lavo brunch



















March- Ocean City, MD

One of my favorite trips this year would have to be Ocean City, Maryland.  I know that’s hard to believe because I’ve been to way cooler places, but this was a group trip (8 of us) and I went into it with pretty low expectations.  Even though the weather was terrible, it was a great time playing games, eating good food and of course going to Seacrets.  It was my first East Coast beach (and of course it can only go up from here) but I would definitely do it again.

Our trip to OC…Seacrets and all.

More Ocean City fun!

Fiesta Friday- An Olympic Party

An Olympic Party

For this week’s party I thought there was no better theme than an Olympic Party.  I personally love the Olympics (and at age 8 thought I’d be there someday for gymnastics) and while I didn’t quite become good enough, it’s my favorite sport to watch to this day.

Since I love eating, decorating, and getting my friends together I thought there wouldn’t be a better way to kick off the Olympics tonight.  And of course this party idea can be used for the Opening Ceremonies, Closing Ceremonies, or your favorite sport in between.  Here are my ideas:

First, you need something to wear so I thought I’d pull out my American Flag DIY shorts (I’ll post more details around Labor day):

My DIY American Flags Shorts

At the lake over the 4th of July…these shorts will come in handy a lot!








So once you’re dressed, here are some fun things to do and make:

Red, White and Blue cocktails! (For US or the hosts UK)

“Olympic Rings” martini!

DIY Flag Straws (UK, USA and of course Spain)







And on to the snacks…

Olympic “Torches” for the opening ceremonies

Gold and Silver “Medals” with Fruit by the Foot and Oreos

Homemade Olympic Ring cookies!








And of course the best part…desserts!

More Olympic Ring Cookies

Sugar cookies for all of the different countries to match the flags

Red, White and Blue cake (It’s red velvet)

One more view…













And now you’re ready to decorate the table:

Each guest can get a different flag to distinguish their glass.

It’s all coming together…

You can make a flag tablecloth to set everything on.








Happy Olympics.  Go USA!

A Few Favorites

For my first post, I thought I’d share some of my favorite sparkly things.  It’s hard to limit it to just a few but I’m going to do my best.  Plus, I’m sure there will be lots more to come in the near future as well.

This is probably the most sparkly piece of clothing I own. I purchased it at Forever 21 during my pre-Vegas shopping with my girlfriends. What was purchased as a joke ended up being one of my favorite things that trip (although I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to wear it again, as it’s VERY short). I even ran in to another girl wearing the same one in our hotel!

This is the first chandelier (and so far the only!) that I purchased. It’s turquoise, which is my favorite color (and the color of my room). It was the perfect addition when I re-decorated my room. It definitely won’t be the last chandelier I purchase!

When I studied about my junior year of college, I was lucky enough to travel all over Europe. I went to Paris with my girlfriends and then back with my sister when she visited. The best memory I have of Paris was when Natalie and I popped champagne in front of the Eiffel Tower at midnight when it sparkles!

New York is one of my favorite cities in the world. I’ve always dreamed of living there so I visit as frequently as I can. Last Labor Day my mom and I went to visit and went to a rooftop bar. This was our view. It was right before the 10-year anniversary of 9/11 so the colors were red, white and blue!

As I mentioned earlier, I went to Vegas for the first time in February. It was the most surreal trip and we were so lucky because we had some really great people help us out tremendously! Here are some of my outfit choices laid out in our suite!

What girl doesn’t like getting a gift in The Little Blue Box? Here is a display in Tiffany and Co. in New York City. Ice cream cones are topped with a gorgeous pink diamond. That’s some cherry on top!

My sister Natalie graduated from college in May, so I wanted to do something special for her. Being that I have a Michael Kors watch addiction, I thought it was finally time to pass it on to her. The watch was perfect for her- pink, brown, and even a row of diamonds around the face! She loved it!

After a trip to the Hamptons last summer with my friend, Ally, we took her on her first trip through New York City. We figured what better tourist-trap than Times Square? Our friend Dan was driving and jumped out of the car to quickly snap this shot and it’s always been one of my favorites!

This year for my birthday, my boss bought me this bracelet. It was so special and thoughtful and I was so surprised. She knows me well because it’s Michael Kors and turquoise. I couldn’t have picked a better gift myself!

Over the last few years, I’ve decided that I deserve to buy myself a special birthday gift. I like to buy things that I normally wouldn’t (and can justify it by saying it was my birthday). This year I bought my first pair of Jimmy Choo shoes and this skirt. It’s all things I love in one: sparkles, sequins, fringe, and lots of colors. Then my boyfriend got me quite the accessory to go with it: this Michael Kors Hamilton purse (he even picked it out himself!). This was to-date my best birthday ever!

Within a week span this summer, my boyfriend and I attended 3 weddings! The first one was in Chicago and the second two were in Indianapolis (on the same day!). They were both dear friends so I was so lucky that they were spaced out enough to go to both! This is the dress I wore (on loan!) from All Saints. I was so obsessed with it and it was the perfect transition from day to night! (All three weddings were incredible…I want more of my friends to get married!)