Fiesta Friday- An Olympic Party

An Olympic Party

For this week’s party I thought there was no better theme than an Olympic Party.  I personally love the Olympics (and at age 8 thought I’d be there someday for gymnastics) and while I didn’t quite become good enough, it’s my favorite sport to watch to this day.

Since I love eating, decorating, and getting my friends together I thought there wouldn’t be a better way to kick off the Olympics tonight.  And of course this party idea can be used for the Opening Ceremonies, Closing Ceremonies, or your favorite sport in between.  Here are my ideas:

First, you need something to wear so I thought I’d pull out my American Flag DIY shorts (I’ll post more details around Labor day):

My DIY American Flags Shorts

At the lake over the 4th of July…these shorts will come in handy a lot!








So once you’re dressed, here are some fun things to do and make:

Red, White and Blue cocktails! (For US or the hosts UK)

“Olympic Rings” martini!

DIY Flag Straws (UK, USA and of course Spain)







And on to the snacks…

Olympic “Torches” for the opening ceremonies

Gold and Silver “Medals” with Fruit by the Foot and Oreos

Homemade Olympic Ring cookies!








And of course the best part…desserts!

More Olympic Ring Cookies

Sugar cookies for all of the different countries to match the flags

Red, White and Blue cake (It’s red velvet)

One more view…













And now you’re ready to decorate the table:

Each guest can get a different flag to distinguish their glass.

It’s all coming together…

You can make a flag tablecloth to set everything on.








Happy Olympics.  Go USA!


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