Travel Tuesday

Travel Tuesday

Since I caught up on 2011 last week, I’ll start this week with some of my trips from 2012.  I took four exciting trips in January, February and March.  Here’s a look:

January- New York City

I went to New York City with some friends for our friend, John’s Birthday.  We had brunch at his apartment in Soho, shopped, went out and crammed as much as we could into a 2-day trip.

The Girls at John’s Brunch

John’s Birthday Gift…the largest bottle of Champagne I’ve ever seen!

February- Indianapolis for the Super Bowl

This was the most sporadic trip I’ve ever taken.  I actually bought my plane ticket on Friday and flew home on Saturday morning.  I just couldn’t miss being a part of Indianapolis for such an exciting time since I lived there my entire life.  The highlight was catching up with friends and family, meeting lots of fun celebrities, and getting to see the transformation of the city- it was truly amazing.

My sister and I at Superbowl Village in Indianapolis

My sister and I with Lance Bass. He bought us (and my mom) drinks all night. My 12 year-old self was very envious.

February- Las Vegas

As I explained a little in other posts, this was my first trip to Las Vegas and it set the party extremely high.  I went with three of my girlfriends and we had the most unreal trip.  We stayed in the Palazzo and went out every night and were treated like royalty.   It’s hard to narrow down the photos but here are some of my favorites.  I can’t wait to go back.

At the Venetian, Mardi Grads beads on the Strip, Playing around in a shoe at the Cosmo, Blue Man Group and outside the hotel

Out in Vegas, after my big winnings, dancing, outside Marquee and Lavo brunch



















March- Ocean City, MD

One of my favorite trips this year would have to be Ocean City, Maryland.  I know that’s hard to believe because I’ve been to way cooler places, but this was a group trip (8 of us) and I went into it with pretty low expectations.  Even though the weather was terrible, it was a great time playing games, eating good food and of course going to Seacrets.  It was my first East Coast beach (and of course it can only go up from here) but I would definitely do it again.

Our trip to OC…Seacrets and all.

More Ocean City fun!


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