Travel Tuesday: Summer Trips

New Orleans

I started off my June with my first-ever trip to New Orleans.  It was a pre-birthday celebration with my friend, Linda, and her boyfriend Mani.  I don’t know what my perception beforehand was (probably Mardi Gras-esque) but I was actually overly impressed.  Here’s a look:

Carriage ride through French Quarter, “Psychic Reading”, Peyton ceiling at Mannings, W Hotel and French Quarter

Bourbon Street, Dinner at Arnaud’s French 75, Frenchman Street, Hurricanes at Pat O’Briends and Cafe du Monde


To continue my birthday (this was actually the weekend of my birthday), my boyfriend and friends planned a trip to Charlottesville.  Scotty and I had talked about going to Charlottesville for two years and it finally happened!  For those of you who haven’t been, I highly recommend it.  The wineries are amazing, the campus of UVA is gorgeous and it’s such a short ride from DC.

Blenheim Vineyeards (Dave Matthew’s Winery), Trump Winery

Countryside, Out in Charlottesville, Ally’s favorite sign, Reenacting “The Notebook”, Miller’s Pub (Where Dave Matthews got his start…Scotty was in Heaven)

More vineyards, tastings and UVA campus











Some of our friends got married in Chicago the weekend before July 4th.  We got to spend a few days in one of my favorite cities and went to an amazing wedding.

Navy Pier (one of my best memories with my dad), Cubs Rooftop, view from the Hancock building with my best friend Mandy

Nate and Meghan’s Wedding at The Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago- It was so elegant and in the middle of the city which was incredible!










Green Lake, Wisconsin

Since we had weddings both wedding before and after the Fourth, we went to Scotty’s family’s lake house in Green Lake, Wisconsin for the week in between and the holiday.   I’ve been to the Fore’s lake house 3 or 4 times but it had been over 2 years since the last time.  It was so nice to have a week of actual relaxation.  It’s incredible how much work they’ve put in to the house and it’s so special to spend time with them.  They are one of the most amazing families I’ve ever known, so our time at the lake is always great.  We even got to celebrate with fireworks on the lake- it is so refreshing to be back in the Midwest and spend time with friends and family.

The Fores backyard view, Scotty and his dad on the boat, Tubing, the group before going to a bonfire, and my and Scotty’s sisters (Meghan and Katie) at the sandbar

Charley watching fireworks on 4th of July, Scotty showing his patriotism (and singing “Man I feel like a Woman” at karaoke at The Goose Blind (Thanks, Kyle for the request) and The Fore family and I on the 4th

Katie, Meghan, me, Scotty and Chris at the sandbar, Boating around the lake, Charley trying to nap on the boat






After the relaxing week at the lake, we crammed about as much as possible in to a 48-hour trip to Indianapolis (and Dayton!)  My sister graduated from college in May so we had her graduation open house.  It was so nice because we got to see our friends, neighbors, and family (some of our family even came from Ohio which was such a treat).  After the party we had TWO weddings to go to.  Then on Sunday, we drove over to Dayton to see my grandparents and flew back to DC from there.  It was a quick trip but so much fun.

My cousins visiting, Natalie’s Vodka-Infused Strawberries (of course), the Billy/Szempruch family, our dog Dusty and our newest addition to the family Buster, Natalie and I at her “fiesta”, Corona Cupcakes, My mom’s beautiful backyard

Some of my childhood friends having drinks after Katie and Scott’s wedding, Scotty and I’s mason jars/table names that we filled with wine and beer (so cute), and Katie and Scott making their entrance (There wedding was a rustic theme and so them- so much fun!)

Lauren and Kevin’s Wedding- the amazing couple, Chi O serenade and our Sorority Sisters at the wedding in Carmel












So there’s my recap of trips up until now…and I’m so excited because I have a big trip coming up this weekend!  Stay tuned….


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