Quote: Love Travels


I thought this quote would be perfect for this weekend.  Tonight I’m heading to Ohio to see my grandparents and then go to one of my best friend’s weddings.  It’s also relevant because my boyfriend (who can’t come) has been traveling a lot for work with the campaign.

This quote is simple but very true.  I can’t wait to see family and friends over the weekend!

Love Travels 🙂

Travel Tuesday: New York City

Over Labor Day, my mom and sister came to visit me in DC and then we took a quick trip to New York.  I absolutely love New York all times of the year, but especially now because the weather is absolutely perfect!

We haven’t been to New York with just the three of us in over 2 years (when they drove me out in DC and we stopped along the way) so it was a fun opportunity to go again.

We went out to dinner in SoHo, went to a Broadway Musical (Mary Poppins), and shopped for an entire day (of course!)

Here’s a recap of our trip:

My mom and I at dinner at RSVP in SoHo, Times Square at night, Our “Mystery Wine” sent at dinner, Nat and Mom before Mary Poppins, and Nat and I at Mary Poppins on Broadway

Lunch in NoLita, My amazing New York purchase, and leaving the city on our way back to DC!


Fiesta Friday: Best Brunch

Last weekend my mom and sister visited me in DC (and we spent a few days in New York which will be my next Travel Tuesday post) and we had a great time.  They’ve been to DC several times now so I constantly feel like we have to do something new.

I have a few close girlfriends that we wanted to spend some time with and our first idea was to all do brunch.  However, when it became 7 of us (and only the night before that we decided to do this), I decided it would be easier to host everyone at my apartment.

I love brunch and this was a more casual way to get everyone together.  Our menu consisted of French Toast (my dad always made the best, but my mom did pretty well too!), Fruit, Yogurt and Granola Parfaits, Mini Muffins, Erica’s Pumpkin Bread, and lots of mimosas!

We had such a great time.  Here are some other fun brunch ideas:

Bagel brunch (get lots of different bagels and spreads)—This is really easy and everyone loves bagels!

BYOD brunch (everyone brings their own dish) – This makes it easy for the host and then you can focus on the drinks!

And my favorite is one my friend Katherine does…it’s “White Elephant” style but a different theme each time (Jewelry, Books, and Games are a few ideas) – This is fun because you get rid of something in your closet and you come home with something new!

Here are a few pictures…already looking forward to our next brunch!

My sister and I (with our cute aprons), Our table spread to begin with, My mom and I, and our fabulous mimosas!