Happy Halloween!

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays so I love that this year it’s on a Wednesday, therefore it can be stretched out over almost a week span.  I’ve already had such a fun week, including a Masquerade, 80s party, Carnegie Library bash with White Ford Bronco (love them) and a Halloween/Sandy survival party.  Here’s a look at some of my highlights:

Happy Halloween!

80’s Neon Lights party at the W, My Halloween Table, My favorite costume (Harry and Marv from Home Alone), “End of the World Midnight” beer from my friend Nick, Masquerade at S A X, and my Peacock costume with my favorite French Maid, Cara!

Travel Tuesday: IU vs. Navy in Annapolis

Last weekend my Alma Mater, Indiana, played Navy in football in Annapolis.  It was the perfect excuse to reenact a weekend of college.  I started the weekend with a girls night with two of my best friends Friday night (complete with IU nail painting) and even had a sleepover.  Who said 26 year-olds are too old to have slumber parties?

We took buses from DC up to Annapolis on Saturday morning (complete with Jello shots we had made the night before) and got to tailgate for a few hours with the IU Alumni group (including some beer pong and flip cup, naturally).

The seats were “standing room” only (but definitely the way to go, because it was an amazing view).  The weather was perfect and I couldn’t have asked for a better weekend with a great group of friends.  The only bad part was IU losing at the very end 😦 but it was still a great time!  Here’s a look:

Some of the girls during the game, my “IU” logo nails, a tablecloth (that I think later became a blanket), IU Alumni (and loyal fans) and our Red and White Jello Shots

The view of Navy stadium, Flip cup, Erica mixing and chilling shots, and some Pi Phi/Kappa/Chi Omega IU love ❤




Happy Birthday, Derek

I know I already did one post today but I thought I would make an exception and do two in one day since it’s a special occasion.

It’s my older brother Derek’s birthday today.  I just thought I’d share some photos of us and dedicate a post to him.

Happy Birthday to my amazing brother — who is smart, (a smart ass), funny, talented, and the best friend a girl could ask for. You really are (tied with Grant) the best brother ever. I am so lucky to have you. Dad would be so proud…and so am I. Love you!!

The four of us at Christmas in Indy, Goofing around (while taking Christmas photos in 100 degree weather in July since my mom forced us to stage them), Derek and my Dad, His “fashionable” style, and Derek and I at home!

Travel Tuesday: New York City Girls Weekend

A few weeks ago I took an impromptu trip to NYC to visit one of my best friends, Jaime.  We had some other friends in town, another friend’s brunch and it was the perfect last minute getaway to my favorite city.  There are few better things in this world than a weekend with girlfriends.

A few of the highlights from my trip include dinner at Mexican Radio, La Esquina, Drinks at The Box and Jane Hotel, Dinner at Cafeteria and watching the Colts game with some IU friends.  We packed so much into a 2-day trip (and I even stayed another night to stretch it out a little longer).  Here are some highlights from my trip:

The most beautiful city ever, The girls at dinner at Mexican Radio, Drew’s Birthday Brunch, and our light night excursion to The Box

Reunited with some amazing girlfriends, Drew’s Champagne brunch, My “Welcome” plate from Jaime, and Bar Hopping (and walking a mile) in SoHo



Fiesta Friday: Fall & Halloween Décor

I absolutely love fall.  It combines so many great things: pumpkins, fall weather, jackets, boots, tailgating, football, and Halloween.  It’s hard to be unhappy about anything when you walk outside in the fall.  I think the Midwest has the best fall weather, but out East is pretty amazing as well.

To bring fall inside, I’ve decorated my kitchen table in some fun Halloween crafts.  They’re so simple and make the entire house a little more fun.  Here are my ideas for your next party: a Halloween theme.  I’m having some girls over next weekend for a BOOs and BOOZE party, but I wanted to get a head start on my place.  Here’s a look at what I did:

Sparkly Skull Head and Spooky Sign

Candy Corn filled Vase

Creepy “Fingers” with Sugar Cookies, Almonds and Cinnamon

Spider Web Placemat (Elmers glue on wax paper covered with glitter)

DIY Pumpkins with Paint and Glitter

Caramel Apples dipped in nuts

A final look at my Spooky Halloween Table







Travel Tuesday: Scott & Ashley’s Wedding

Clearly I’m losing it because I swore I had already done this post, but I guess not!  Oh well, it’s fun to go back and think about how great this weekend was.

My best friend, Scott, from high school (whose Bachelor Party I went to the month before) got married in Columbus, Ohio last month.  I wasn’t sure what to expect of Columbus (I hadn’t been there since I was little) but I was pleasantly surprised.  It’s actually a pretty big city and the wedding was one of the most perfect weddings I’ve ever been to.

The wedding was at this amazing church and the reception was at the Westin Columbus (a perk being that’s where we stayed so we didn’t have to travel far).  The ballroom, the band, the food, and everything in between was incredible.  It was the first time our group of friends were all together in years and I really couldn’t have asked for a better time.

Congrats, Scott and Ashley!

Just like the old times! All of us at the cocktail hour and then reception, and the Beautiful Couple!

My best friend is married! The boys and Mrs. Schussler on the dance floor (the band was absolutely amazing)

Five Friday Quotes


So I can’t believe how long it’s been since I posted (oops!) but that will change now.  I have had some big life changes in the past few weeks (which I’ll post about soon) but I figured today would be a good day to put five Friday quotes that I feel apply to my life right now.  TGIF.  Here you go:

Joseph Campbell


Marilyn Monroe

Robert Frost

C.S. Lewis