Travel Tuesday: New York City Girls Weekend

A few weeks ago I took an impromptu trip to NYC to visit one of my best friends, Jaime.  We had some other friends in town, another friend’s brunch and it was the perfect last minute getaway to my favorite city.  There are few better things in this world than a weekend with girlfriends.

A few of the highlights from my trip include dinner at Mexican Radio, La Esquina, Drinks at The Box and Jane Hotel, Dinner at Cafeteria and watching the Colts game with some IU friends.  We packed so much into a 2-day trip (and I even stayed another night to stretch it out a little longer).  Here are some highlights from my trip:

The most beautiful city ever, The girls at dinner at Mexican Radio, Drew’s Birthday Brunch, and our light night excursion to The Box

Reunited with some amazing girlfriends, Drew’s Champagne brunch, My “Welcome” plate from Jaime, and Bar Hopping (and walking a mile) in SoHo




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