Today’s Importance to Me

I do realize today is Election Day (I’m not sleeping under a rock) but today also has other significance to me.  It’s my father’s birthday (who passed away 6 years ago).  It’s always a hard day for me but also makes me grateful for my life and the time that I did share with him.  I have an amazing family and so many blessings right now, and I know that he is watching over me…and that he is responsible for all of them.

So thank you to my incredible friends and family who have supported me over the last 6 years (and many more than that)- I wouldn’t be where I am without you.  And thank you to my amazing dad, who always believed in me.

Happy Election Day and Happy Birthday, Daddy!

My First Date…a barn dance for Girl Scouts, where my dad bought me a Corsage and we danced all night- one of my very best memories of him!

My dad in Uniform and my brother…so handsome!

Part of the Quote/Saying that my dad and I always said to each other…and then my amazing sister drew this for me for Christmas.

My three rocks. And best friends. And biggest comedians… to name a few.





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