My Best Friend’s {Moving}

When I moved to DC two and a half years ago, I knew I was going to love it immediately.  I figured I’d make new friends but I didn’t realize the extent of some of those friendships.  I met Ally (via social media and some mutual friends) and we instantly became pretty inseparable.

Over our friendship the last 2 years, we’ve traveled the country together (Vegas, Coachella, New York, the Hamptons, Charlottesville, Ocean City to name a few) and have had countless happy hours, dinners, sleepovers (yes, as adults) and been through career changes, break ups, holidays and so many more things in between.  She’s the best “plus 1” I’ve ever had for events, including ones with Adrian Grenier or Hayden Panetierre.

I can honestly say that she has kept me sane for the past two years (and also even swung me to become a little bit more of a tequila fan) and taught me that setting your own style is only done by taking risks (like floral pants, velvet slippers and furry “pimp-like” coats that only SHE could pull off).  Friends like her don’t come easily…but they do go (just physically) to New York, in her case.  I had some of our friends together last night to celebrate Ally’s next chapter, which I know she’ll be great in!

Good luck Ally, to such an amazing friend, and partner-in-crime.  Love you!!

Just a few of the MANY photos we've taken together! :)

Just a few of the MANY photos we’ve taken together! xoxo










(I am also now accepting applications for replacement best friends…jk)



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