Wednesday: Weddings!

I am SO excited because one of my best friends since middle school is ENGAGED!! And even more exciting, she’s asked me to be a bridesmaid!!!

This is the first wedding I’ll be in and I couldn’t be more thrilled.  Brittany was the first one to show me how to truly chase around a boy…and even more so, to make them chase after her.  We had books with quotes, poems and “AIM” comebacks for the ones that broke our hearts.  I always went to Brittany’s when I knew I wanted to stay out late or sneak off to see a boy (circa 6th grade).

She’s finally found The One, and he is an amazing guy…and very lucky to say the least!  I can’t wait for the upcoming months and all of the planning!

Here’s how she asked me to be part of her special day:

The most fun puzzle I've ever put together!

The most fun puzzle I’ve ever put together!


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