“Do Everything in Love”

“Do everything in love.” 1 Corinthians 16:14

I can’t think of two people who have lived their lives relating more to this verse.  My grandparents are pillars of what I believe God intended for us in terms of loving others.  They have always loved everyone around them unconditionally, and it’s truly inspiring.

On Monday, my grandfather passed away.  Luckily the majority of my family could be with them, and in his last days, it was so apparent how much of an impact he had on so many others.  I know he is now in a much better place, and had 90 years of a life very well lived.  He also had 67 years of marriage, which is truly remarkable.

From as far as I can remember, my grandparents have hated being apart.  And when I say being apart, I don’t mean in other parts of the county; rather I mean in other parts of the room.  Now that I think about it, I don’t ever remember them being apart, other than in two cases.  One was once a year on Black Friday when the girls went shopping and one that day, he couldn’t stay farther away (understandably).  Although my grandma would come with us, that didn’t stop her from calling several times throughout the day to check on him.  The other was in the morning when he’d drive up and buy doughnuts for us or bring back breakfast.  Regardless, they did NOT like being apart.

If my grandpa was getting in or out of the car, instead of focusing on actually getting in or out, he’d be yelling “Where’s Mom? Where’s Mom?” and we’d have to fuss at him to worry about himself before worrying about her, which he never did.

I’ve never seen my grandparents fight and the only time they argued when was one of them was putting the other first (ie. the car or Grandpa getting in and out of his chair.)  Sometimes you’d just get frustrated because you want them to take care of themselves and they couldn’t do that because they were more worried about each other.

I am sad to say that as I grew up, I didn’t get to see my grandparents very often.  They were two hours away and once I moved to the East Coast, it became even more difficult.  But the past year and a half, I got to stay with them two different weekends and even as an adult, sleepovers at Nina and Grandpas were always the best.  Those weekends will be just as cherished as the weeks away at their house when we were kids.  I also couldn’t be there this week to say my goodbyes, which was really difficult.  But a lot of our family could, and I know that’s exactly what he needed.

I’ll never forget getting out of the bathtub was I was a little girl, and sitting on Grandpa’s lap in my towel and getting him all wet.  I also won’t forget watching two people kiss goodnight and hold each other tight (even if one of us kids was in the bed with them!)  I am so grateful to have been blessed with two amazing people, and watching the greatest portrayal of love I’ve ever seen.  I only pray that I have a fraction of the love that they have had.










“True love doesn’t happen by accident.  It’s deliberate, it’s intentional, it’s purposeful, and in the end it’s worth it.” – Darlene Schacht



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