Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas: Date Passport

Valentine’s Day is dreadful to some people (most likely if you’re single…although I spent Valentine’s Day in Vegas with 3 girlfriends a few years ago and that was one of the best years to date!) but even when you’re in a relationship, it can be hard to think of gift ideas.  This year, I’m hoping to do a cooking class with my boyfriend, because we wanted to try something a little different and special!

Those who know me know that one of my FAVORITE things is to give gifts!  I look for any excuse to give gifts to people- birthdays, holidays, just because, you name it and I’m planning months in advance because it makes me so happy.  I also love MAKING gifts, because I think it’s so much more personal (and fun!)

Over the years I’ve made many gifts for my boyfriend (from photobooks to calendars to framed pictures with a map of the city we lived in) and this year I wanted to share a new and fun idea I did- and that’s easy enough for you to do, too!

I got some inspiration for a “Date Book” and “Restaurant Passport” from Pinterest, but of course I added my own touches.  You can do this for not just boyfriends, but friends and family members, too.  If you’re like me (especially being in a new city) you always think of new places you want to eat, visit or attend.  I used to keep a running list in my iPhone notepad, because I’d hear of all of these places and then when it came time to making a reservation, I forgot them all.  Also, my boyfriend and I are long-distance, so when we spend weekends together, we already like to know some of the things we want to do!

Here’s the Date Passport I made and how I did it:

I started with this Chevron Journal from Paper Source (it comes with 3 for $18.95) because it was simple enough (and not too girly!)










Next, I bought Vintage stamps from Anthropologie.  These I bought a year ago to use for crafting, but I’m sure you can find some on Etsy or eBay as well.  They were on sale for $8.40 for the pack!










I used a gold paint pen marker and wrote out the inside cover page first (and added some ribbon for a little extra detailing), followed by the city then restaurant, bar, attraction, or name of the place.  I also added the address so it took one less step when looking up directions!

A peek inside!

A peek inside!

Restaurant Info and address, then I added a stamp once we've been!

Restaurant Info and address, then I added a stamp once we’ve been!

















I added all of the items on our list, and then glued a cute envelope to the back inside page to hold the stamps in!

I started with NY but added other cities as well.

I started with NY but added other cities as well.










I started with 10-15 places, but I’m sure we’ll continue adding along the way.  We’ve already “stamped” five of the places in just two trips!