Fiesta Friday: Best Brunch

Last weekend my mom and sister visited me in DC (and we spent a few days in New York which will be my next Travel Tuesday post) and we had a great time.  They’ve been to DC several times now so I constantly feel like we have to do something new.

I have a few close girlfriends that we wanted to spend some time with and our first idea was to all do brunch.  However, when it became 7 of us (and only the night before that we decided to do this), I decided it would be easier to host everyone at my apartment.

I love brunch and this was a more casual way to get everyone together.  Our menu consisted of French Toast (my dad always made the best, but my mom did pretty well too!), Fruit, Yogurt and Granola Parfaits, Mini Muffins, Erica’s Pumpkin Bread, and lots of mimosas!

We had such a great time.  Here are some other fun brunch ideas:

Bagel brunch (get lots of different bagels and spreads)—This is really easy and everyone loves bagels!

BYOD brunch (everyone brings their own dish) – This makes it easy for the host and then you can focus on the drinks!

And my favorite is one my friend Katherine does…it’s “White Elephant” style but a different theme each time (Jewelry, Books, and Games are a few ideas) – This is fun because you get rid of something in your closet and you come home with something new!

Here are a few pictures…already looking forward to our next brunch!

My sister and I (with our cute aprons), Our table spread to begin with, My mom and I, and our fabulous mimosas!

Fiesta Friday: Game Night

I am a huge fan of games.  There are so many fun games to play and it’s a great way to get your friends together.

One thing I love the most about hosting a “Game Night” is that you can invite any group of people.  You can have Girls Night, Guys vs. Girls, Couples, or a big group.

My friends and I get together often to play games (and we get pretty competitive).   It’s always fun to make bets and I have to say that I rarely lose those bets.  Some of our betting ideas have involved free rounds of drinks, free dinners, our boyfriends getting pedicures (such great sports), and even “doing anything we want for a day”…although Ally and Andrew, we’re still waiting for that one.

It’s really easy to host a game night because you can order pizza, make it a pitch in, or even go out and do it. Here are some ideas:

Guys vs. Girls

My friend, Andrew recently found this game and it’s pretty awesome.  The guys answer girly questions (ie. What is an empire waist?) and the girls answer manly questions (ie. What does  a hacksaw cut?)  It’s so much fun (and hard).  Here’s a link to buy it.

Battle of The Sexes










Girls Night

It’s always fun to have Girls Night every so often.  My best friend happens to be dating my boyfriends’ roommate so we see each other all the time.  But it’s so different when the guys aren’t around and you can catch up (without filters).  One of our favorite things to play is Dreamphone.  This 90’s game is still just as fun as it was when I was 10.  It’s pretty hard to find but if you search Ebay consistently I promise you won’t regret it.

Dream Phone










Couples Game Nights

As I mentioned earlier, it’s always fun to compete with other couples (for bragging rights, free dinners or whatever else you can think of).  We like to play couple against couple and then girls against guys (that seems to be when we win most).  One of our recent fun dates was to Top Golf in Alexandria.  It doesn’t matter if you’ve never golfed before or you’re an expert but it’s a fun way to learn, practice and even have some Sangria.  I definitely recommend!

Top Golf










Group Games

Lastly is hosting group game nights.  You can have any number of people and it’s a great way to get everyone together.  Some of our favorites are Apples to Apples, Catchphrase, Darts, and Sink the Biz.  If you don’t know what Sink the Biz is, you are missing out.  And even if you didn’t go to IU, you’re lucky that they sell it online….(although you probably won’t be as good)….

Sink the Biz, Darts (notice the score), and Apples to Apples



Fiesta Friday- An Olympic Party

An Olympic Party

For this week’s party I thought there was no better theme than an Olympic Party.  I personally love the Olympics (and at age 8 thought I’d be there someday for gymnastics) and while I didn’t quite become good enough, it’s my favorite sport to watch to this day.

Since I love eating, decorating, and getting my friends together I thought there wouldn’t be a better way to kick off the Olympics tonight.  And of course this party idea can be used for the Opening Ceremonies, Closing Ceremonies, or your favorite sport in between.  Here are my ideas:

First, you need something to wear so I thought I’d pull out my American Flag DIY shorts (I’ll post more details around Labor day):

My DIY American Flags Shorts

At the lake over the 4th of July…these shorts will come in handy a lot!








So once you’re dressed, here are some fun things to do and make:

Red, White and Blue cocktails! (For US or the hosts UK)

“Olympic Rings” martini!

DIY Flag Straws (UK, USA and of course Spain)







And on to the snacks…

Olympic “Torches” for the opening ceremonies

Gold and Silver “Medals” with Fruit by the Foot and Oreos

Homemade Olympic Ring cookies!








And of course the best part…desserts!

More Olympic Ring Cookies

Sugar cookies for all of the different countries to match the flags

Red, White and Blue cake (It’s red velvet)

One more view…













And now you’re ready to decorate the table:

Each guest can get a different flag to distinguish their glass.

It’s all coming together…

You can make a flag tablecloth to set everything on.








Happy Olympics.  Go USA!