Wedding Gifts

Since it’s summer and that means wedding season, I think everyone could use some tips or ideas of how to make it special.

I had three weddings in the span of two weekends and they were all in the Midwest so it made it even harder to think about planning the trips, gifts, and making their day special.  I found some fun and creative ways to be a part of their special day (and their special days before) even from far away.  I will share one thing each day this week so come back for the rest of the ideas.  Here is what I did:

Cards, cards, cards.

I am a huge believer in handwritten cards.  Whenever a friend gets engaged, I immediately send a card.  Of course the phone calls and texts are important but they hear it from so many people that it’s nice to get a card a week later.  I also find it to be the first (and easiest) time to tell your friends how happy you are and how much they mean to you.  The further in the planning, the busier they get so it’s important to say those words early on.

My mom bought me this amazing jewelry armoire. There’s a full length mirror when you close it!











Bachelorette Party and Bridal Showers

It is really hard to get invited to these events and not be able to go.  If you’re in town, you’re lucky because it’s much easier but when you live far away it’s hard not to be able to make it to all of the celebrations.  What I like to do is to still be a part of the day in other ways.  If I can’t be at the bachelorette party, I usually set up with the planner (or maid of honor) to buy a round of drinks at one of the bars for everyone.  It’s easy to just send a check to someone and they’ll be more than happy to arrange it for you.  It’s not quite the same as being present but at least they’ll all think about you for a few minutes!

My mom bought me this amazing jewelry armoire. There’s a full length mirror when you close it!










Pre-wedding Gift

Like I mentioned earlier, the bride and groom get really busy and stressed the closer it gets to the big day.  This year, I made “Wedding Emergency Kits” for the three brides.  I went to Target and bought all of the essentials I could think of and then bought these boxes at The Container Store and wrapped them up and sent them two weeks before the wedding.  I got so many grateful texts and calls after, and I heard how handy they were for the big day!

Wedding Day Essentials: Eye Drops, Gum, Mints, First Aid Kits, Ponytail Holders, Bobby Pins, Lint Roller, Notepad, Tums, Advil, Clear Nail Polish, Deodorant, Tissues, Hairspray, etc.

Box from the Container Store, tied up with a cake tag and bow. I wrote the bride’s new last name too!

Before and After…now ready to send!











Lastly, I like to send another card while the bride and groom are away on their honeymoon.  That way, they’ll come home to another card (this time addressed with the bride’s new last name).  They were used to getting all of the cards and gifts on the day of so it’s nice to come home to a new piece of mail with their new name on it!

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