My Jewelry Obsession

Over the last year, I’ve purchased several pieces of jewelry.  I am a huge fan of mixing cheap and expensive pieces and think every wardrobe should have a wide variety.

I searched high and low to figure out how to display my jewelry so I’m going to share both my jewelry displays and some of my favorite pieces I’ve added to my collection this year. (Be sure to keep scrolling down!)

My mom bought me this amazing jewelry armoire. There’s a full length mirror when you close it!

This was my roommate’s idea. We bought the bar & hooks from IKEA! So easy to do & a fun way to turn your jewelry into art!

A fun way to display my watches. I just bought this tray and laid them all out!










Here are a few of my favorites….

This first one is my most recent addition. It’s from Nordstrom (link here) and is simple yet fun and I love the added diamond detail on the sides.

This watch is probably the single piece of jewelry I own that has the best story. When I was in Vegas in February, I played a “Sex in the City” slot machine while waiting with our friends. My $5 quickly turned in to almost $300 and instead of doing the responsible thing and saving it, I decided to buy the biggest and most fun watch I could. I will always remember that trip when I wear this watch. (Link here)

This necklace was added to my collection right in time for Cinco de Mayo. I wore it with a purple shirt and have continued to wear it multiple times.  (Link here)

This necklace was a birthday gift from one of my dearest friends, Sarah. She gave it to me after our other friend lost my actual gift that they bought me so it was supposed to be a secret. (Hopefully Mandy isn’t reading this) 🙂 I have amazing friends.

This is my first real set of pearls that I got from my mom’s friend Dean. He always buys my sister and I such perfect gifts and this was no exception. He gave Natalie and I each a different pair at Natalie’s graduation and I am thrilled to have them.

This watch I bought with an Anthro gift card for my birthday. I saw it on Pinterest and waited several months until I found one in the store. It’s simple yet makes a huge difference to any outfit. (Link here)

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