Friday Fiestas
Since it’s the weekend and that means no work (or minimal work) and mostly play, I’ve decided to make Fridays “Fiesta Fridays” on my blog.  I’ll feature different party themes and ideas that I’ve done (or am planning to do) and hopefully you’ll get some inspiration to have one of your own!


Crafts and Cocktails

One of my favorite parties I’ve had I hosted in April.  It was a Crafts and Cocktails party and all of the girls had to bring one craft idea and one cocktail (or bottle of wine).  I had some apps and we just had girl time together.  It was fun to all be able to take home 4 or 5 different crafts.  I would recommend that if you do this you keep the group small (unless you have a massive apartment or house).  It’s much more manageable with a few.  Also, I would suggest doing/starting the crafts before too many cocktails….if you want to finish them that is.

Here is the invitation:

I used Paperless Post but I think printed ones are much cuter and more personal!







Here is the table:

Craft Table Before…

…And After!







And here are the crafts:

Chalkboard Champagne glasses for the girls (& beer one for the guys..a gift. They weren’t allowed this night!)

Erica brought tiles and paper to make homemade coasters. We each got to pick paper to match our place!

Ally brought shot glasses and cups that we glued together. One way you have a shot glass and the other way you have a wine glass!

Jaime brought cookie dough and food coloring and she made tie-dyed cookies. Not only a fun craft but a great snack along the way!


My craft was sparkly martini glasses. They’re perfect to distinguish guests or to hold jewelry/hair ties/mini perfumes like here.

Since we already had  mod podge & glitter, we decorated keys too. It’s perfect to tell which key is for what. (Seal with clear nail polish so the glitter doesn’t come off!)

And now my keys hang on my keychain!









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