Winter Olympics Party Ideas

Did you miss my Olympic Party Ideas last summer?

If you’re looking for some fun and easy ideas to kickoff the Winter Olympics tonight, then look at my post from the Summer Olympics here.

Here are some of my favorite DIY ideas:

Printed flags straws!

Printed flags straws!

Popcorn "torches"

Popcorn “torches”

Red, White and Blue "Champagne" Cocktails

Red, White and Blue “Champagne” Cocktails


Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas: Date Passport

Valentine’s Day is dreadful to some people (most likely if you’re single…although I spent Valentine’s Day in Vegas with 3 girlfriends a few years ago and that was one of the best years to date!) but even when you’re in a relationship, it can be hard to think of gift ideas.  This year, I’m hoping to do a cooking class with my boyfriend, because we wanted to try something a little different and special!

Those who know me know that one of my FAVORITE things is to give gifts!  I look for any excuse to give gifts to people- birthdays, holidays, just because, you name it and I’m planning months in advance because it makes me so happy.  I also love MAKING gifts, because I think it’s so much more personal (and fun!)

Over the years I’ve made many gifts for my boyfriend (from photobooks to calendars to framed pictures with a map of the city we lived in) and this year I wanted to share a new and fun idea I did- and that’s easy enough for you to do, too!

I got some inspiration for a “Date Book” and “Restaurant Passport” from Pinterest, but of course I added my own touches.  You can do this for not just boyfriends, but friends and family members, too.  If you’re like me (especially being in a new city) you always think of new places you want to eat, visit or attend.  I used to keep a running list in my iPhone notepad, because I’d hear of all of these places and then when it came time to making a reservation, I forgot them all.  Also, my boyfriend and I are long-distance, so when we spend weekends together, we already like to know some of the things we want to do!

Here’s the Date Passport I made and how I did it:

I started with this Chevron Journal from Paper Source (it comes with 3 for $18.95) because it was simple enough (and not too girly!)










Next, I bought Vintage stamps from Anthropologie.  These I bought a year ago to use for crafting, but I’m sure you can find some on Etsy or eBay as well.  They were on sale for $8.40 for the pack!










I used a gold paint pen marker and wrote out the inside cover page first (and added some ribbon for a little extra detailing), followed by the city then restaurant, bar, attraction, or name of the place.  I also added the address so it took one less step when looking up directions!

A peek inside!

A peek inside!

Restaurant Info and address, then I added a stamp once we've been!

Restaurant Info and address, then I added a stamp once we’ve been!

















I added all of the items on our list, and then glued a cute envelope to the back inside page to hold the stamps in!

I started with NY but added other cities as well.

I started with NY but added other cities as well.










I started with 10-15 places, but I’m sure we’ll continue adding along the way.  We’ve already “stamped” five of the places in just two trips!






Gushing over Gold

After sparkles and sequins, my next favorite thing is Gold.  I find it takes any home piece to the next level and can make things classy and expensive looking.  My new best friend has become this gold spray paint.  It’s amazing and can literally take your home items from dull to dramatic.  Here are just a few things I have turned to Gold lately:

To Alligator, available online (or at your local Brother Jimmy's)

To Alligator, available online (or at your local Brother Jimmy’s)

Alligators after being Sprayed

Alligators after being Sprayed









Bar Cart Before

Bar Cart Before

Barcart After!

Barcart After!








And of course the Bar Car stocked:

Veuve, Titos and POP are among the essentials...

Veuve, Titos and POP are among the essentials…








And a few things on my to-do list:

Gold Striped Plate, via Momtastic

Gold Striped Plate, via Momtastic

Glitter Votives, via 100layercake

Glitter Votives, via 100layercake

DIY Confetti Wall Art via MintLovesSocialClub

DIY Confetti Wall Art, via MintLovesSocialClub

Eat, Drink and Be Merry

Last weekend, my roommate and I hosted our (belated) Housewarming party at our apartment.  Yes, she’s been there over a year and I’ve been there for 3 months, but better late than never, right?

We decided to have people over for Wine and Cheese and of course we had to have a cute set up.  It was VERY easy to do, so I would highly recommend this theme to you.  Just pick up a few bottles of Red Wine, White Wine, and Champagne and then make a trip to your local Cheese Shop.  Add fruit, chocolate, and garnishes and some flowers and put it all on Chalkboard Contact Paper (I ordered mine from Amazon) and you’ve got a very fancy (and easy) display table.  Cheers!

Hostesses, "Eat, Drink and Be Merry" straws, last minute homemade door sign, and our barcart

Hostesses, “Eat, Drink and Be Merry” straws, last minute homemade door sign, some of our table, and our DIY Gold Barcart

Napkins and straws I bought in Tahoe, Cheese and Crackers on the Chalkboard Contact Paper

Napkins and straws I bought in Tahoe, Cheese and Crackers on the Chalkboard Contact Paper

The finished table

The finished table!





Must Have Monday: The Clear Clutch

My newest obsession came about after hearing that the NFL has new regulations about what you can bring in to games this year.  You can find the new policy here.

I am going to a Cowboys preseason game this weekend, so I have been searching for the perfect clear envelope clutch to take with me.  Here are some of my favorites:
























Or if you’re into DIY, you could make one yourself, too!  Here’s a link to follow if you’re daring enough!

DIY: Year in Review

Since January is almost over, I’ll finally post my DIY for the New Year..  This is my second year of making a “Year in Review” and I have to say it gets better each one I do.  I start by making lists of all of the big things that happened over that year.

Some of the Categories I’ve done are Trips Taken, Things I’ve Crossed Off of my Bucket List, Charities Donated to, and other Milestones (or Top 5 Memories of the Year).  It’s something fun I do and frame for my room and a way to reflect all of the many things I have to be grateful for.  Being that I love to play around on Adobe programs, I put all of the numbers and categories in Illustrator and made a PDF which I then printed out.

Throughout the year, I’ve started to take notice in all of the big (or little things) that happen, and it makes life even more enjoyable!  Here’s a look at my 2011 and 2012 “Year in Review.”






Fiesta Friday: Fall & Halloween Décor

I absolutely love fall.  It combines so many great things: pumpkins, fall weather, jackets, boots, tailgating, football, and Halloween.  It’s hard to be unhappy about anything when you walk outside in the fall.  I think the Midwest has the best fall weather, but out East is pretty amazing as well.

To bring fall inside, I’ve decorated my kitchen table in some fun Halloween crafts.  They’re so simple and make the entire house a little more fun.  Here are my ideas for your next party: a Halloween theme.  I’m having some girls over next weekend for a BOOs and BOOZE party, but I wanted to get a head start on my place.  Here’s a look at what I did:

Sparkly Skull Head and Spooky Sign

Candy Corn filled Vase

Creepy “Fingers” with Sugar Cookies, Almonds and Cinnamon

Spider Web Placemat (Elmers glue on wax paper covered with glitter)

DIY Pumpkins with Paint and Glitter

Caramel Apples dipped in nuts

A final look at my Spooky Halloween Table