Travel Tuesday

One of my very favorite things to do is travel.  That’s no secret and over the past few years (especially this year), I’ve tried to cram in as many trips as possible.  So each week I’ll highlight one of the trips I’ve taken this year (and hopefully I’ll be adding more as I go along).

For my first week I’ll highlight my trips from the 2011, so I can transition in to 2012 and get caught up!  I took 12 trips in 2011 (I have a cool way of summarizing the year which I’ll show in a later post) which including the following.

Can’t wait to see if I can exceed the number for 2012!

Cancun, Mexico with Scotty, my mom and sister

Indianapolis — Here at the Indy 500 with two of my childhood friends. It’s one of my favorite weekends to go home for.

Chicago where my two best friends live. I love this city and love to go visit them.

Here in New York for a weekend trip in October and one over Labor Day. The second picture was my first carriage ride through Central Park with my mom.

This was my first trip to the Hamptons. It’s truly another world there and I can’t wait to go back.















































My mom and I went to visit my sister in Ecuador last year. Here we were whale watching, sipping out of a coconut and visiting a butterfly garden.

Here I am doing a cartwheel over the Equator, looking out at the mountains, celebrating our last night in Quito, and playing with Natalie’s host family’s daughter. I brought her a little White House purse with Bo and she wouldn’t put it down!

This first photo is the view from Natalie’s apartment. The second is Natalie and I playing around straddling the Equator and the third is before we went ziplining. And yes, my mother went, too!


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